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What documents do I need when selling my car

What documents do I need when selling my car?

So, you've had one of our friendly vehicle purchasers come out to your home or workplace to conduct a vehicle inspection and you've agreed to accept the final offer. What next? Well, as a business we must carry out some due diligence to ensure we can prove that you are the registered owner, or that you can legally sell the vehicle on behalf of the owner.

To do this our vehicle purchaser will need to see three forms of ID from you. At least one form of identification should be a photo and one must be proof of address. You can see an in-depth list of the types of documents that we accept as identification here.

Our vehicle purchaser will also need to see the V5C document for the vehicle, as well as any documents relating to service history, MOT certificates and other maintenance receipts, especially any stamped dealer service records.

Finally, you'll also need to hand over the keys to our vehicle purchaser - including any spare or duplicate sets.

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