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Preparation for selling a car

What should I do in preparation for selling a car?

Once you have taken the decision to sell your car there are a number of things that you will need to do to prepare for the sale. Exactly what you need to do will differ depending on how you choose to sell. However, whichever way you choose there are some basic things that should be done to prepare for the sale that won't cost very much and that won't take too long to complete.

First and foremost your car should be clean. This seems an obvious one but you would be amazed how often people try to sell dirty and messy cars and then wonder why they struggle to make a sale or don't achieve the price they were hoping for. Give your car a thorough clean inside and out or alternatively take it to a professional valet service.

If the car's MOT is close to expiring then it is definitely worthwhile putting it through a MOT before any sale as you will be able to command a higher price if you have a 12 month MOT. If the car has any mechanical faults then these should also be repaired before the sale.

Advertising Your Car

If you have decided to try and sell your car privately then advertising your car is a key step to a successful sale. There are a number of popular ways to advertise your vehicle, some quite traditional and some very 21st Century. The easiest and most straight forward is a 'For Sale' sign in the car itself. Seen by people as you drive about during the day, this could get a very quick response.

A card in your local newsagent's window is a tried and tested method. Easy and low cost, this can be a good place to start. Of course, your local newsagent will have the local paper in stock and a small ad in their classified ads section will cost a few pounds more but reach a far wider audience.

For your more modern methods, there are the car-selling websites. These break down into two options really, car-selling websites such as AutoTrader and Gumtree which work in the same way as the newspaper classified ads section but on a wider scale, or the car auction sites, such as eBay which have time limits and minimum prices to them but are quite straightforward to use and get results.

Whichever method you use, make sure that you describe your car accurately and without hiding any serious faults. It is against the law to mislead in an advertisement and if you were to sell a car that is not roadworthy, you could find yourself in serious trouble with the police.

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In your advertisement, include the following information:

  • The exact make and model of your car
  • The year of manufacture and the registration identifier - such as a 59-plate
  • Colour
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • List of equipment
  • Whether it has a Full-Service History
  • Your contact details
  • And not forgetting, the price.

Selling Your Car Online

Selling online gives you the advantage of showing your car across a far wider audience - a worldwide audience in fact and if the car you are selling is particularly noteworthy or unique, you may just get interest from another country.

Most online sites will come with secure payment methods so there's no worry about being scammed. And there is the opportunity for potential buyers to ask questions before they decide to visit which gives you the ability to get to know potential buyers better and for them to get to know you.

With online selling, the major requirement now-a-days are good quality pictures. A well organised 8-10 photographs is far better than 101 shaky shots taken from every possibly conceivable angle. You need to have both inside and outside views, and try and keep the whole look professional.

and Finally…

Selling a car privately can be a time-consuming and stressful business. Firstly there is all the preparation involved such as taking photographs and advertising, then having to deal with a steady stream of potential customers at your door not knowing if they are genuinely interested in completing a sale or if they are just 'tyre-kickers'.

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