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Money4yourMotors.com: Sell your vehicle with minimum hassle

If you are thinking about selling your car then one of your first thoughts will probably be 'what is the current value of my car'? There are many factors that govern the value of a car, including model, specification, age, condition, mileage and a whole host of other factors. It is important to realise that the value of your car will fluctuate over time and so a valuation from 6 months ago is likely to not be a true reflection of the value of your car today.

When selling your car with money4yourmotors.com the very first thing we do is provide you with an initial pre-inspection valuation of your car by using the latest available industry CAP values.

We appreciate that selling your car privately can be a stressful, expensive and time consuming experience, that is why Money4yourMotors has developed an easier solution. No longer do you need to advertise your own vehicle, waiting for potential customers to contact you, no longer do you need to have the worry of letting someone you don't know and have never met taking your car for a test drive, no longer do you have to haggle with a private buyer over the value of your car.

Money4yourMotors buy hundreds of cars every month and we can buy your car today.

Selling a car with Money4yourMotors.com

We have made the process of selling a car easy, in just 3 simple steps we can be buying your car today!

Firstly, submit your vehicle's registration into the number plate at the top of the page and click 'Get Valuation'. Our system will then fetch your car's details for you to check. We then just need a few additional details from you including the car's current mileage and your contact details. Once you have submitted the required information we will calculate and display a value for your car.

If you are happy with the valuation that has been generated just click the accept button and one of our team will call you back to arrange a full inspection of your car. At this final inspection a final offer will be calculated based on vehicle condition, mileage, paperwork and current market prices.

Money4yourMotors.com: The process from valuation to sale is easy

We are different from other car buying companies as our policy is that 'we come to you' and so this appointment will take place at a time and place convenient to yourself (usually your home, but we can also come to your workplace if that is more convenient).

The inspection and valuation of your car is free and we have car buyers throughout the country, who wear our uniform and will arrive to see you in one of our vans, so you will know exactly who has come to buy your car.

If we do buy your car you will be paid by instant bank transfer and the payment will be made before we leave the premises. At this point the car becomes the property of Money4yourMotors, and we will aim for the car to be collected within five working days.

What our customers say

Rob Jones

5 star review

Fantastic experience

I chose Money4yourMotors as I was looking to sell my car with minimum hassle and in good time - and they more than met my expectations. The customer service was up there with the best I've experienced; really friendly and lightning quick to get through over the phone

The assessor Mark, who came out to inspect and value my car was a top bloke - easy to talk to, fair, and very knowledgeable.

Stephen Fountain

5 star review

Fast and efficient car sale

The whole experience was good, from the initial enquiry through to the arrival at my home to value my car.

Once I had accepted the price offered the money was in my bank within minutes.

I didn't even have to step out my front door. Would definitely recommend.

Dean Gamble

5 star review

Excellent service with great outcome

Absolute amazing result after originally considering we buy any car. Alan our purchaser did an amazing job in getting us the best price for our car and was very friendly and professional at the same time.

I would definitely recommend to anyone if you want the best offers with a great service.

Olivia Jaskolka

5 star review

Revolutionising the Car Selling experience

From start to finish (only 3 days), selling my car with Money4yourMotors.com has been a great experience.

The speed, convenience, ease and value for money were all factors. The agent that came to value my car was thorough and clearly explained the process. Once a deal was negotiated, the money was in my bank within a matter of minutes.

Naheed Rahman

5 star review

Very friendly professional quick service

The technician who came to value my car was very friendly. Was a quick service and wasn't pushy to know if I wanted to sell.

After thinking about it for an hour I decided to go ahead. He came back and I am satisfied with the price of my car. Funds go into the account instantly. Will definitely recommend. Hassle free selling.

John Keith Roberts

5 star review

Excellent service

The whole process took less than half an hour and even with the deductions I got way above the offers of webuyanycar.com.

Paul who came out to value my car was really friendly and we were paid before he left the street.