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* The valuation generated will be subject to a physical inspection of the vehicle.

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Why should I sell my car today to Money4yourMotors?

We cut out any hassle of selling privately. You don't have to meet strangers who often don't even turn up and you'll save the cost of advertising in magazines/newspapers or online.

We will come to you to inspect your car at a time and place convenient for you (usually your home, but we can come to your workplace). So you don't have to drive your car to us, then have the expense of travel costs to get back home once we buy your car.

Sell your car with confidence

Unlike some other car buying companies, we don't charge for inspecting the vehicle. We have car buyers throughout the country, who wear our uniform and will arrive to see you in one of our vans, so you will know exactly who has come to buy your car.

If you sell your car to us instant bank transfer is standard and we pay you before we leave. The car is then the property of, and we will arrange for the car to be collected once you are happy that you have received payment into your account.

How do I sell a car with Money4yourMotors?

Your car inspected at your home

We have made the process to sell a car easy, in fact, you are just 3 steps away from selling your car today.

Firstly submit your vehicle's registration into the number plate at the top of the page and click 'Get Valuation'. Our system will then fetch your car's details for you to check. We then just need a few additional details from you including the car's current mileage and your contact details. Once you have submitted the required information an initial on-screen valuation for your car will immediately be calculated for you.

If you are happy with the valuation offered you just need to click the accept button and one of our team will call you back to arrange a full inspection of your car where a final offer will be calculated based on vehicle condition, mileage, paperwork and current market prices.

Our policy is that 'we come to you' and so this appointment will be at a time and place convenient to yourself, normally this would be your home address but we are also more than happy to arrange an appointment at your place of work and so you don't have to book time off with your employer.

There is an FAQ section available if you need any additional information on how you can sell your car to money4yourmotors. We have also recently launched a new motoring guides section to the site where you can find useful articles that cover day to day issues that can arise as from car ownership. Some of the topics covered include preparation for selling a car, preparing your car for a MOT, test driving a car and much more.

Will you still buy my vehicle even if it is written-off or it is a non-runner?

When a car is damaged, written off or is a non-runner it can be very difficult to sell privately, however the car will still have a market value and so would still consider purchasing it, making the selling process easy for you as you wouldn't have the problem of trying to move the car as we would collect the vehicle free of charge. We can provide you with a no obligation valuation of your non-runner today, alternatively, if your car has sustained damage or has been written-off then we can also prepare a no obligation valuation for you.

Selling a prestige car?

If you are considering selling your prestige car, we offer unrivalled levels of service in this specialist vehicle selling sector. We have a dedicated site for selling your prestige car.
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Wanting to sell your van?

We don't just specialise in selling cars, we are also market leaders in selling vans of all type. We have a dedicated site just for selling your van.
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* The on-screen valuation is computer generated and may be subject to change, we will always need to view a vehicle and assess it before giving a final offer price, the final offer is based on the vehicle condition, mileage, paperwork and also the current market prices.