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Free collection is standard when selling your car We offer free collection of your vehicle

Money4yourMotors offer a quick and hassle free way of selling your car. But don't just take our word for it, you can read just a few of the recent reviews our service has received a little further down the page.

We buy hundreds of cars every month and we can buy your car today.

We differ from other car buying companies in that we come to you to inspect your vehicle and if you decide to sell your car with us we will arrange for our transport team to collect your vehicle free of charge.

We aim for the free collection to take place within one week of the sale.

Explaining the process of selling a car with

We have made the process of selling a car easy.

The first thing you will need to do is generate your free valuation. You do this by submitting your vehicle's registration into the number plate at the top of the page and clicking 'Get Valuation'. Our system will then fetch your car's details for you to check and confirm. We then require you to just add a few additional details including the car's current mileage and your contact details. Once you have submitted the required information our system will calculate and display a valuation for your car.

If you are happy with the valuation that has been generated you will need to click the accept button and one of our team will call you back to arrange a full inspection of your car. During the inspection, a final offer will be calculated based on vehicle condition, mileage, paperwork and current market prices.

Inspection and collection is free are different from other car buying companies as our policy is that 'we come to you' and so this appointment will take place at a time and place convenient to yourself (normally this will be your home address).

The inspection and valuation of your car are free and if you decide not to sell your car we will simply leave and head on to our next appointment with no charges incurred by yourself.

If you decide to sell to us then an administration charge may apply depending on the purchase price. You can read full details of this charge in our FAQs.

We have car buyers throughout the country, who wear our uniform and will arrive in fully branded vans so you will know exactly who has come to buy your car.

If we do buy your car you will be paid by instant bank transfer and the payment will be made before we leave the premises. Our transport team will then arrange the free collection of the vehicle. We aim for the car to be collected within one week.

What our customers say

Peter Trotman

5 star review

Thoroughly recommend

They come to your house which saves time against the competitors.

The assessor who arrived from them to value the car was pleasant and in no way pushy money was paid immediately into my account.

I would definitely use again.

Kevin Gilder

5 star review

Fantastic service

They gave friendly and courteous service from first contact to the gentleman that came to appraise my vehicle. I was offered a price which I accepted and had the money in my account in less than half an hour after that.

I would like to thank everyone at Money4yourMotors for a speedy and efficient service and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to sell their car.

Michael Byers

5 star review

Rapid sell

I found this company excellent. Their assessor was very professional and friendly, we discussed offers and I was very satisfied with the price offered and after a minimal amount of paperwork the money was in my bank account.

A home visit offered by this company is a big plus compared to other companies.

Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to sell their car.

Kerry Griffin

5 star review

Free collection of my vehicle

The experience was excellent from start to finish. They arranged a quick mutually acceptable time, contact from head office supportive & in control of exactly what was happening at all times.

Within 30 minutes all was completely sorted & done.

Would always use them for any further dealings in selling my car.

Warren Mowle

5 star review

Fantastic Service

Online valuation on Wednesday, appointment booked on Thursday.

Assessor arrived on time, showed me his credentials and went through the process. All in all it took about 50 mins to get all the information he needed.

Well all I can say is they offered me almost £3k more than their main competitor and the money was in my bank account within minutes.

Trevor Goose

5 star review

A pleasant experience

After shopping around the other well known websites I found Money4yourMotors gave me the best valuation quote for my vehicle.

After inspection the agreed price was still above the second best valuation quote.

The rep that came to inspect the car was friendly, helpful, upfront and honest.

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