Settle your car finance early

  • Ltd offer you the easiest way to sell your car and clear any outstanding debt
  • We will buy your vehicle if you have outstanding finance on it and deal directly with the finance company for you
  • When we buy your car we will pay the outstanding amount to the finance company, and any balance of the purchase price is paid directly to you Settling your car finance early

Finance is a very popular method of paying for a car because it enables motorists to get hold of a really impressive vehicle even if they don't have the budget to buy it outright. Spreading the cost over time often proves the most sensible option.

However, finance can sometimes complicate the sale of a car, and if you want to sell your car relatively quickly this might set you back. Fortunately, settling car finance early is no problem if you plan to sell your car to us. We have helped countless people overcome finance complications when they want to sell a car that they still owe money on.

If you want to pay off a car loan or outstanding debts when you sell your car, this will be taken into account when we draw up a valuation of your vehicle. To settle your finance early, you will need an early settlement figure which our team of experts will be happy to calculate for you in order to help you sell your car and get free of debt at the same time.

Get in touch with us directly if you want to pay off your car loan or finance debts and restore parity to your position within the car market.

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