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How To Remove Private Plates

You may have a private plate on your car or van, but this doesn’t have to affect selling it. In a few simple steps, you can remove a private plate from your vehicle and continue selling to us with ease.

When saying goodbye to your motor, you can get a valuation in seconds by using our four easy steps.





We are happy to take any car or van with a private plate, but there are a few things you must do first. In order to remove a private plate, it needs to meet certain criteria, including:
• must be a registered vehicle with the DVLA
• be eligible for an MOT certificate
• can be moved with its own power
• needs to be available for inspection if required
• has been taxed or had a SORN (statutory off-road notification) for the past five years

• if a SORN has been in place for more than five years, your car must have been taxed and have an MOT certificate

If you have a historic or classic car, it will need a current MOT certificate.

Your car’s V5C logbook will outline any reasons the private plate can’t be removed or reassigned, so make sure to check it before the next step in our guide.


Taking a private plate off your car

You can remove a private plate either online or by post.

Both cost £80 and require having your car’s V5C logbook to hand.


Your car’s private plate is removable via If the car doesn’t require an inspection, the number is immediately removed.

If you’re selling a car but want to keep the private plate, it can be reassigned online as well with the DVLA.

By post

When requesting to remove a private plate by post, you will need to send the following details:
o your car’s V5C logbook
o alternatively, send your green ‘new keeper’ slip and finished V62 application
o £80 transfer fee
o V317 form (for transferring or retaining a vehicle registration number)

You can simultaneously tax your car by sending the following information:
o your car’s MOT certificate
o correct amount of vehicle tax
o a V10 form for vehicle tax

Following your request to remove a private plate online or by post, the original registration will be reassigned automatically.


You are ready to sell!

A new V5C logbook will be sent to you, along with a V778 retention document if the private number is in your name (it is valid for ten years), and the MOT back if the car was taxed. The V5C will usually arrive within two weeks, and the V778 in four to six weeks.

Once you have received confirmation from the DVLA that your request has been completed, you are ready to start selling your car. It is important to note that doing so without this confirmation can invalidate your plate, so wait until the process is finished before you remove or reassign it.


Other things to consider

What if I was given a private plate in a will?

If you have received a private plate in a will, it’s your decision of what to do with it. You can keep it, reassign it, transfer to someone else or leave it if you’re selling the car.

We will purchase your car, even if you don’t want to do anything with the private plate.


Can I sell my car without removing or reassigning the private plate?

Absolutely! If you’re happy to sell your car with the private plate on, we will take it off your hands as part of our normal selling process.

Alongside helping with private plates, we have a wide range of tips and useful guides, so you can sell your car quickly and easily with us.